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Whether it's a house, residential bungalow, commercial building, industrial building, warehouse, hospital, hotel or an industrial structure; we can turn your concept into a reality and we have architectural & engineering solution to every need of yours. Right from affordable housing to world class structures, we have answers to all your needs.

For our Industrial clients we have cost effective solutions in engineering & architecture.

In terms of housing we give you well designed living rooms, spacious bedrooms, well ventilated bathrooms. But we do agree, as they say no one is perfect. Even we are not and our only drawback is we just can't give you a room for the grudge.

Papers & Articles

Papers and Articles (i)
Co-authored and presented a paper on " Review of Repairs & Rehabilitation of concrete Structures" at the International conference on Recent trends in Concrete Technologyand Structures ( INCONTEST 2003) held at Kumaraguru College of Technology,Coimbatore on September 2003
Papers and Articles (ii)
Co-authored a paper on " Effective use of Building materials for Sustainable Development" at IABSE (International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering) Symposium 2009, Bangkok

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